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My Best Bud
Jax and I are the 2001 CADDC Top Dog winners, the highest award of the club.
I am proud of this crazy dog, he has made going to the park on the weekend  a family event.  Jax and won the Top Dog Award(CADDC)2002, we also tied for most improved team in the GADDC 2002.  Jax and I have traveled all over the southeast doing shows and competing, I have seen a lot of things that I probably would have ever had the chance to see if it weren't for this mixed cattle dog.

    Jax and I finished at # 20 in the southeastern regionals sponsored by Alpo . This was our first competition ever.  Jax was only 6 months old at the time. 2000

    Jax and I also competed in Athens Ga. and scored 16 points the following month.     
I think that placed us around 11th or 12th in the competition.  We havent dropped out of the top ten since.

    We won 2nd place in the first annual C.A.D.D.C. tournament at the Wag-A-Thon at Oak Mnt. State Park.!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jax and I have moved up to the open division this year (2001) Jax is now a little over a year old.

We won 5th place in Macon Ga. this year at the Cherry Blossom Festival.

We won the 10th position in Atlanta Ga. at the Disc-Dog Southern Nationals.

Jax and I won the 1st runner up position in Snellville Ga. at the Disc Dog Spring Classic in the open Division.  Jax is now 14 months old.

Jax and I took home the 6th place spot in Anderson South the Open division and tied for 10th in the pro toss and fetch, but lost in a throw off.(dang)

Jax and I placed 4th place in the first annual Woof-stock event, held in Auburn Alabama on Aug. 18, 2001in the open division, and 6th in the sport division.

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah................ Jax and I brought home a big ol' trophy from the Georgia State Championship.  We took 2nd place in the open division, once again we are still after that ever so eluding 1st place trophy.  Oct. 20/21 Cartersville GA.
Jax and I won 5th place at the annual Pell City Paws in the Park contest.

Jax and I took 3rd place in Gulf Port Ms. at the U.S.D.D.N. qualifying event March 8th 2002,  In the Open Division.  This was our first competition of 2002

Jax and I pulled in the 4th place spot at the Southern nationals in Atlanta.

Jax and took a 9th place finish in the Skyhoundz Southeastern regionals in Marietta Ga.  We fared well against top rated competitors. 2002

Jax and have been slacking a little, we finally got knocked out of the top ten spot with a 13th place finish at the Ga. States championship.  Oops stuff happens.  Oct. 19 2002

Jax and I took home the 3rd place spot at the Alabama State Championship. in 2002.

At the USDDN National Championship Jax brought home a respectable 8th place.  2002.  Louisville Ky.

Jax and I Stepped up to the Big Boy Division in 2003, we placed 15th in Macon Georgia in the Super-Open Division.

Well we brought in the 4th place spot in the Alabama State Championship in 2003.

Im still in school for now.

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